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Pensak Houghton Dentistry

Welcome to
Pensak Houghton Dentistry

Our priority is our patients and a lifetime of dental health.

We Welcome
New Patients Of All Ages!

We are very happy to welcome new patients of all ages.


Fusing innovative materials, progressive techniques, and advanced technology.


Welcome to Pensak Houghton Dentistry. We are one of the most established clinics in the Calgary area and have a broad range of dental services which are perfectly suited to keep your smile shining for life.

From designing your dream smile with our in-house dental experts to fixing a cavity, our team at Pensak Houghton Dentistry is here to pamper you with gentle care and 5 star service!

New Patients Welcome
Not all clinics like to take on new patients but we love it! Not only do we love new patients but we take on new patients of all ages – young and old.

Life Long Dental Health
Dental health needs can change over time and so it’s important to have a dental team that can meet your needs regardless of age. We’re that team!

Child Friendly
It can be difficult for parents to find dentists that are child-friendly. We love kids and are happy to take on the entire family or just the kids.

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It’s an online world so book your next appointment online? We still want to speak with you though so we’ll follow up right away.
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